“We’ve been using Select POS since June of 2012 primarily for the Alaris Medley Systems (PCU 8000 & 8015s, 8100 LVPs, 8110 Syringe Modules & 8120 PCAs), we also send them our Hospira Gemstars! We’ve had nothing but good service and fast turnaround at a fair price. I’ve worked primarily with Patrick St.Ores. We’ve only had two repeat problems over the past year and they just couldn’t do enough to make it right. I give them a great recommendation!”

Pat Newton – Sr. BMET

“I have nothing negative to say about your facility- good pricing- good customer service- your website makes it so easy to obtain an RA# for sending in repairs. Some companies make it so difficult. You’re a whole lot easier to deal with than the manufacturer.”

Claire Rouse – Biomed Administrator

“I have established a good working relationship over the past 18 months with Select Biomedical. I have to say that after some trial and error period that they have managed to save us quite a lot of money on refurbishing our Carefusion Medley Infusion devices, parts and accessories. I’ve been very happy with the results and will continue to do business with them as a trusted resource for a long time to come.”

Bill Macchia – Biomed Technician

“I have been working with Select BioMedical for about 2 years and have yet to have something bad to say about the company. The equipment that I work with Select is the most is the Plum A+ Infusion pumps, since the first pump I sent into Select for repair the pump was turned around and sent back to me in a very quick fashion. If there is ever an issue with any of the pumps or parts that I have ordered I have been kept up-to-date on the status of the equipment. Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work.”

Steve Lundberg– Biomed Technician

“We have been using Select POS for over a year for Alaris Medley repairs. We have not had any failures from their service. They have the lowest service price of anyone we have used before. We also rented over 250 pumps and wound up purchasing them. Renting from them saved us over $20,000 a month versus their competitors. I highly recommend these guys. They are easy to contact and work with and the quality is excellent!”

Steven Kelley – Biomed Manager

“In 2011 Trios Health started purchasing refurbished Hospira Plum pumps from Select Biomedical, mainly due to the significantly lower price. The pumps arrive in excellent condition and pass all performance tests. They are much better than the refurbished pumps we bought from another source. The pumps we bought 3 years ago from Select get heavy usage and are still functioning well, failure rate is low and are promptly taken care of by Select at a reasonable price. We are so satisfied with the pumps performance that we made Select Biomedical our preferred vendor.”

Vaughn MacKenzie – Lead Service Engineer